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Security and discretion

Art.1. /1/ The use of this site and the registration are voluntary. /2/ The user has to sign in personally. /3/ By declaring the will for registration (after filling in of the registration form) it is considered that the user has given his agreement for procession of his personal data. /4/ In case of non-delivery of the personal data, required in the registration form, the Administrator has the right to reject the registration.

Art.2. /1/ In order to use the Clients cervices and for signing in the user is supposed to give absolutely correct personal data. /2/ The following are considered as incorrect stating of personal data: 1. Filling in of data, which does not correspond to the actual status; 2. filling in of data related to other person, including filling in under some other’s personality; /3/ The Administrator has the right to reject registration to a person, whose personal data he may consider as incorrect. /4/ The Administrator does not bear any responsibility and does not owe any indemnity to the person, whose personal data had been used by a third person, whether with or without his agreement.

Art.3. /1/ Every user has the right for access and correction of his personal data in accordance with Art. 4 of the Law.

Art.4. /1/ Every person, who finds out that his personal data had been used, or may be used by a third person in order to be registered in site, may inform the Administrator for the above.. /2/ Every person, who suspects that his personal data may be used without his agreement, may require from the Administrator to reject registration of a third person, who is using this data. /3/ In case that the personal data had been used already by a third person, the person (whose data had been used incorrectly) has the right to require from the Administrator to forbid the use of the registration by presenting by presenting of evidences for the existing contradiction between the used data and the real status, respectively for the use of his personal data by a third person. The Administrator considers the correctness of the proofs and their relation to the certain case. /4/ All actions, described here above should be executed personally, or through a proxy holding a Power of Attorney with a notary Certified signature of the Principal on the business address of the Administrator.

Art.5. /1/ The Administrator executes the collection, processing and storing of the personal data of the users in accordance with the stipulations of the Law for protection of the personal data. The Administrator is the Administrator of personal data in accordance with the sense of the Law. /2/ The Administrator is allowed to use the information about the personal data of the users of this site just and only for the purposes, stipulated in the Law and in the General Conditions. /3/ The presented personal data are processed and stored in the computer. The installed programs and computer configurations are protected with the necessary methods and devices.

Art.6. The Administrator is obliged not to change or reveal the personal data of the user of the site to third persons.

Art.7./1/ The user of the site is obliged to fill in the registration form carefully. /2/ Upon receiving the requirement for registration the Administrator processes the personal data. The Administrator has the right to reject the registration in case that there is already another user, who had presented identical data (completely or part of it). /3/ The Administrator informs the user about the completed registration within a reasonable period of time.

Art.8. /1/ The Administrator guarantees that he will not reveal to third persons the user name and the password.. /2/ The identification Number is used by the registered user for communication with other users. /3/ The Administrator does not bear any responsibility in cases when the user reveals his user name or password to third persons, or reveal his identity, or the identity of a third person, hidden behind the Identification Code. /4/ The user bears responsibility for all actions, resulting from his registration. /5/ In case that the User has serious doubts that his registration is being used by another person, he has the right to change his User name and password


   Security and discretion
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