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      You are a business person. You are an artistic person. You are found of sports or traveling. You are too engaged with personal or business affairs, requiring from you to be not just happy and to smile, but to look elegant. You are an aesthetic person and take care of each detail of your dress. We have an offer for you…


      ET “Valeri Marinov” is a well known company in the socks business. It has long-time and correct contacts with the main socks producers and the wide distributors network within the country since 1994.
      The main goal of our Company policy is offer to our clients socks, which are produced in Bulgaria, tested and licensed in the Bulgarian laboratories, corresponding to the modern European standards. This is very important for us, since we care a lot about the health and the comfort of our clients.
      Being faithful to the tradition and trying to keep in pace with the modern trends we had developed and are offering our new service – subscribing for socks. The socks, offered by us are not expensive, but they are not cheep as well, they are just of a good quality. They are produced for a certain kind of clients with a created valuable system, positive thinking and taste, different from the one of the mass consumer.
      The Company made its first attempts for offering of this service in 1995. Ten years later the Socks-Service subscribing is offered through Internet.

      The success of our new service depends on you, our honorable clients; we are trying to be different to be ready for the fore coming changes. We hope that we will succeed!

      We will be grateful to receive your opinion on GSM: 0888 414 303 and e-mail: info@socks-service.com


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